Post-Diagnosis Support

Cornwall Autism understand the importance of multidisciplinary working both during the diagnostic process, but also afterwards, when signposting families to support and interventions. We have a broad knowledge of what is available to families locally and nationally and spend time guiding families to the most relevant support for them during our feedback meeting. We also make detailed recommendations specific to your child in our final diagnostic report.

We are also very proud to have established close links with local services who can provide families with a range of evidence-based supports and interventions; with your permission we can liaise with our Associates during the diagnostic process ensuring the transition between diagnosis and intervention is as quick and easy as possible.  Our highly experienced Associates include:

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    Vigere - Occupational Therapy

    Vigere Occupational Therapy is run by Occupational Therapists Rosie Gibbons and Lou Thrower. Both are highly specialist occupational therapists and registered Sensory Integration Practitioners.

    Vigere Occupational Therapy provides full assessment and intervention for children and young adults with a range of needs, including autism, learning difficulties, dyspraxia, ADHD, Acquired Brain Injury and a history of trauma.

    Email Vigere at

    Visit Vigere's Website here
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    RSSF Training - Autism Consultants

    RSSF Training was created in 2017 with the aim of supporting families and schools to develop their knowledge of autism and social communication conditions including PDA. 

    We offer Workshops, Webinars, Consultancy, Free Facebook Live Sessions and resource signposting to both families, schools and other settings. 

    Whether you or your young person are diagnosed or not we are here to help you and hope to be effective advocates for autistic people whilst encouraging support and positive practice for both families and schools.

    Visit RSSF's website here